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Removing Gum from Car's Interior


Gum is extremely messy and can leave a person in a sticky situation if it gets on your car's upholstery. Most of us chew gum on a regular basis and unfortunately sometimes tend to get it everywhere. Children are notorious for playing with their gum and end up causing sticky chewing gum on the car's interior. Bubble gum is very hard to get out of upholstery and is a real pain.


Here are some simple methods used to remove gum

Place an ice cube in a Ziploc bag then apply the ice to the piece of gum to freeze it and make it hard. Then gently scrape away the gum with a knife or razor.

Rub alcohol on the upholstery.

Rub an ice cube back and forth over the gum. Then roll the gum into a ball and pull it off the interior.

Apply Goo Gone to the gum a little bit at a time. Then blot the area with a towel.

Rub peanut butter on the gum.

Use an extra strength deep-heating rub to remove the gum and then apply a mild dish soap and warm water mixture with a towel.

Use a heated blow dryer on the gum spot for a couple minutes to let it get hard and then remove.

Use little bottles of freon to the gum and then get a hammer to break up the pieces.

Apply an aerosol product made by Sprayway to freeze the gum and then pull it off with a plastic bag.


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