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Remove ink stainsHaving professional detailers clean stains out of your car's interior can be quiet costly and especially an inconvenience. Stains, such as ink stains can be removed believe it or not with certain solvents. You no longer have to worry when you get ink on your brand new car. Even though it does make you mad at that very moment, when you find that your kid has drawn a picture of some sort on the fabric of your seat. Accidents happen and that is why products are made to clean accident spills and spots up.

Here are a couple tips that you can use to remove those ink stains

Blot the ink spot with a white towel and rubbing alcohol, preferably isopropyl alcohol as soon as you see the stain. Rinse with water afterwards to

make sure you do not damage the car's interior.

Use "Orange 95" to the stain and watch it dissolve within minutes.

Moisten a white towel with 3% hydrogen peroxide and water then let it stand for at least an hour on ink spot.

Apply hair spray to the ink spot and blot dry with white towel.  

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